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March 9, 2016
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The capillary soldered joint is formed by connecting to the pipe with solder. Two types of joint are to be found in plumbing. The first is called the ‘End Feed’ which works by allowing the solder to the end of the joint and then by capillary action the solder runs into the fitting. Note: Capillary action is the ability of a liquid to flow in narrow spaces without the assistance of, and in opposition to, external forces like gravity. There are integral ring fittings that are fitted with an amount of solder in a ring and these are called ‘Yorkshire Fittings’ so that when the fitting is heated, the correct volume of solder melts and runs all the way around to make a perfect joint. Highbury Plumbers can solder joints.

The End Feed Fitting.
The end feed fitting is probably the ceaper of the two options for jointing copper pipework. This type of joint can only be used on copper pipes, and definitely not to be used on plastic. It can be quite difficult to use but with practice is a good way of making a joint. The plumbing professionals all use this type of joint really because of its abundance and also the price.

The Yorkshire Integral Solder Ring Fitting.
The older and original Yorkshire solder ring fitting is probably still the best fitting still available today, there are however cheaper versions that have tried to beat it. The ISR as it is known in the trade is a capillary action fitting and was first designed and made by Yorkshire Fittings in 1934. This was atechnological innovation at the time and its influence on the industry is without parallel. The branding has become so strong over the years that the title ‘Yorkshire’ is now the only name for this type of fitting. This invention grew the art of copper in plumbing in the UK and elsewhere. A Highbury Plumber uses the Yorkshire solder ring fitting.

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