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Boiler Installations And Boiler Replacements In Highbury Fields

A boiler is an integral part of your home and having a system that runs efficiently and smoothly is important for the smooth running of your home. You depend on your boiler for heat and hot water and when there is a malfunction, it can be upsetting as well as uncomfortable. If your boiler is costing you more in repairs and inefficient operation, it may be high time to think about a replacement unit. At Highbury Plumbers, we offer the latest technology in boilers and systems for your home or business. We have the buying power afforded us by a strong market presence that gives us access to the latest models of efficient boilers at great prices that we pass along to our loyal customers.

It may see that investing in a replacement boiler is not financially feasible for the average homeowner. There is more than one way to look at this issue that will make sense of having a new system installed. If your boiler system is old and needs constant work to keep it running, the parts may be becoming obsolete and impossible to find as the years go on. Advances have been made in boiler technology that have given us much more efficient heating and hot water systems. Condensing boilers are up to 90% more efficient than old models of non-condensing boilers and use less fuel to provide optimal performance. Condensing boilers recover heat from the waste gasses involved in combustion to get the most out of every gallon of fuel. When you add up the savings that you can realise out of the fuel you burn, you will see that it wont take long for you to recover the installation costs of a new, more efficient boiler system.

When you are thinking about installing a boiler for the first time, look to Highbury Plumbers to help you design and install the right system for your home. We have fully registered and qualified engineers that can design a system within the proper code guidelines, find you the appropriate boiler for the best price and install the whole thing professionally and at the highest quality. For all boiler installations we have a written 12 month guarantee for the work as well as the boiler and all related parts. This means that you have no worries about anything going wrong that we cant fix at no extra charge to you. A boiler system can be the most efficient year round way to heat your water and also heat your home in the cold winter months. Having a combination system is efficient and convenient and with the professional service provided by Highbury Plumbers of Highbury Fields, N5 you will have access to everything you need for installation, inspection, service and repair.

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