Heating breakdown repairs
July 8, 2016
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Central heating systems and their pipework should be flushed through with water to get rid of debris and flux that can be left behind after the system is installed. Debris that is left in the system will eventually cause corrosion or damage to the valves and more importantly the heating pump. A professional plumbing service like Highbury Plumbers will clean and maintain the whole system.

In order to protect the heating pump whilst a cleaning regime is carried out it is best to remove it and maintain the heating systems integrity with a length of pipe. When the regime is complete and the heating pump is refitted it is much easier to turn the pump impeller with a screwdriver before running the system after flushing, in order to make sure it’s clear and free to turn. If you can feel any real resistance, you will need to drain the system again and remove the motor once more, then clean and refit the impeller if required. A Highbury Plumber is trained to carry out this type of work. A full descaling and cleansing regime can be employed if your system is badly corroded. A harsh cleaner or descaler could expose minor leaks sealed by corrosion so use a mild cleanser, introduced into the pipes from the feed and expansion tank or into a radiator via the bleed valve. Manufacturers’ instructions vary, but in principle run the cleanser through the system for a week, with the boiler set to a fairly high temperature. Afterwards, turn off and drain the system, then refill and drain it several times if possible, using a hose to run mains pressure water through the system while draining it. If you have loud bangs coming from your boiler, then treat it and the immediate pipe work with a fairly powerful descaler, running the hot water program only. Of course at any point if you are not confident, call a professional plumbing company.

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