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May 8, 2016
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A sanitary macerator is a good idea as it is actually a toilet by another name. It also negates the requirement for mega pipework to be sorted and it is a very effective piece of kit. A Highbury Plumber can fit this.The macerator will also give you quite a bit of freedom of choice as to exactly where it will be positioned. You could now think about an en-suite fit to your bedroom maybe? It also has a great benefit as it can move waste uphill and out of your property if required, which is great for lower ground floor flats. The unit is actually to all intents and purposes a small plastic box that will sit quietly at the rear of the loo and serves to mash, chew and pulp all the waste products deposited in the pan and send it on its way. It does this by the use of very sharp and strong blades that spin at a very high speed ensuring that the waste will fit through the smaller bore pipework that comes with the unit. It can also be fitted out of sight behind walls. Part of the installation of a macerator will require the services of a qualified electrician to install the electrical supply for the unit as it contains the motor that drives the blades. Highbury Plumbers can arrange this. The pipework for this piece of equipment as stated is smaller than normal and can be set and hidden quite easily into the wall.

Some points:
Only use it for human waste not products!

There is no need for air fresheners that are clipped etc like the normal toilet as the unit takes away the smell, also they could cause a blockage.

The unit can generate noise and runs for an extended time after the flush has been operated.

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