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It may be that you have seen a few signs in and around your plumbing that has lead you to believe that you could have a pipe that has frozen , you can always attempt to rectify the problem yourself but you must be confident to do so to. If not, a professional company like Highbury Plumbers who can deal with it.
This article will hopefully give some basic advice to help you locate the blockage, defrost it and make sure your pipes don’t freeze again.
The first thing you should to do is check to see if anyone else has no water. If so, the lack of water will most likely be caused by a problem to the mains, so call the water supplier. If you’re the only one without water, you probably have a frozen pipe. The following steps should help you get things back to normal quickly: A Highbury Plumber is trained to find leaks.

You must try and locate the problem. You can do this by:
You can feel the pipe to identify colder areas. It could help to check the suspected faulty pipe to a pipe that is ok.

Isolate the water supply. It is normally located under the sink in the kitchen.
If you leave a tap open that is near the pipe with the ice it will let you know it has thawed when water flows from it.

Direct heat should not be used to melt any ice that has formed.
When the pipework is running with water again, make sure you visually inspect it and if any problems such as a leak occur, then call for the services of your local tradesman.
Once the blockage has thawed, turn your stop tap and stopcock back on and run water until normal flow is restored.

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