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There was an old way of controlling the heat from a radiator, which was to use the manual valve, and a fitted thermostat. The thermostat was usually fitted in a lounge or hall. That was fine, however, to satisfy the current energy and heat saving requirements, this does not provide an accurate temperature spread for the whole of the house, therefore a huge variation in room temperatures would exist. The best way to rectify this would be to keep adjusting the manual radiator valve on the radiators, and that is not practical or energy efficient. The best solution is to fit TRV’s (or thermostatic radiator valves) as these allow each radiator to produce heat at a pre-set level. In almost all situations, and the fit would normally just be a straight one for one swap with the manual valve. Highbury Plumbers can fit thermostatic valves in a central heating system.

First, drain the whole heating system. Once the system is empty you can loosen the two cap nuts on the valve and then, undo both nuts completely and lift the valve together with its cap-nut and olive from the end of the pipework.

Clean the pipework end with some wire and place the cap-nut and olive of the TRV on. Ensure that you hold the new valve and screw the cap-nut on the TRV. Always make sure the olive is fitted in the correct way. Do not tighten fully just yet. A Highbury Plumber is skilled and can fit a thermostatic radiator valve. If needed you can fit a new connector on the radiator, this allows a proper fit to take place. Wrap PTFE tape around the threads. As long as they are lined up, you can begin to tighten both cap-nuts fully.

Finally, refill the heating system and do a check for any water leaks. Now you will be able to set up the TRV as recommended in the manufacturer’s instructions.

Tools Required.
Adjustable Spanner.Wire Wool.
TRV.New Connector.
PTFE tape.

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